Mack Tactical Customs Services & Pricing:

Services & Prices:

Labor Charges

Hourly Labor Rate


Minimum Labor Charge

This is a brief item description.



Credited to work done if brought back for 

work to be completed within 30 days


Loaded Firearm Fee

Firearm brought in with a live round in the

chamber or magazine.


Custom Builds:

Glock  Handguns

Call for pricing

AR Style Rifle

Call for pricing

Cerakote Services

Call for Pricing

Frame Stippling

Call for Pricing

Firearm Appraisals

Professional opinion of Value

A professional opinion of value is developed

to best establish values of firearms for 

personal use; however, this appraisal does

not meet the requirements for court

proceedings or the IRS, and is not USPAP

compliant.  No photographs included.


Full professional appraisal

Our full professional appraisal is USPAP 

compliant and is prepared to meet all the 

elements of a document presented in court,

and to satisfy the IRS requirements that 

define a "Qualified Appraisal".  Photographs

are included, either printed with the appraisal,

or on a "flash drive", at the clients request.